God in New York City

Pinnacle of the modern city in the world, diversity fills this place but God sustains it

1st production!

We have finally completed our in-house production. All these while we have been only doing filming but we have now completed a piece, including post production work. 

All credit goes to Jon for his late nights of editing work.


Yes that is the name of the crew… it is as uncreative as the abbreviations of ‘God In New York City’.

We are branching out our services to help with any other projects… for hire! Yes, we might actually take up an offer for a project more for the filming service, rather than the post production work, but that’s okay„ we need a little publicity ourselves

New Projects

The video has been passed on to someone for editing work. Can’t believed that it has taken us so long to do this, we have been so very busy ourselves.

However, there have been good news. The group is getting bigger, we are approaching to 4 members in the group. We are also getting ourselves equipped better as time goes by. 

As of today, we were approached to do 2 projects and we are really excited about it. We really have to plan our  time a little better if we are to make this team work.

At the mean time, we are still struggling to find a name for the crew… 


Our first project of The Neighborhood church is delayed due to personal time constraint. We are currently sourcing extra help in the post production of the video.

Good news… we may be bringing in an extra member to the team… more news to come. 

Also, we were thinking of coming up with a name for our production crew, any ideas?

Our first project was on the 20th January 2013, with Neighborhood Church NYC, previously know as The Hipster Church. The leading pastor is Gage Jung. The video should be edited in 3 weeks.

Hi, we are Tze and Jon. Aspiring to be short filmmakers in our spare time. We have very little experience with film-making and are eager to learn about the trade. For the most part, we want to share about God through film, or even through other types of creative mediums available.

We currently attend First Baptist Church of Flushing in New York, serving in the college and young adults ministry. We are both students in our respective fields but love to share about God through whatever gifting that He decides to bestow upon us. 

Start Up

This is a site dedicated to short films made by New Yorkers talking about the city and God. We are amateur film makers, who have a passion to showcase this city and how God is working in it. If you are a film maker, at any level of film-making skill, we would like you to come join us in this network as a place to share about your thoughts and encouragement for this city.

Connect with us, drop us a line and help us discover where this little project could lead.